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Solving the Evening Meal Challenge

Since 2015, Maamos Kitchen has been helping people solve the Evening Meal Challenge, erasing the typical tradeoff between the quality and convenience of our food options.

Today we do this by empowering grocers across the United States to make a wide range of meal kits as a part of their deli operations.

We believe that the natural home of meal kits should be in grocery stores, where the kits can be fresher and customized to match your preferences.

The Evening Meal Challenge takes many forms.  On busy nights when you have little time, our grocers' grab-and-go coolers will have some of the most popular recipes prepped and ready to go on a moment's notice.

When you have the ability to plan ahead slightly, you can order from ANY of our ever-growing list of recipes to conveniently get dinner on the table.
There's no subscription required–our kits will be there for you when you need them (and without the wasteful packaging of the mail-order kit services).

Our recipes are designed to come together fast, without wrecking your kitchen in the process. Most of the vegetables are pre-washed, sliced, and diced, making them ready to cook. Let your local grocer help you get dinner on the table tonight!