For Grocers

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Would you like to re-claim revenue that companies like HelloFresh, Blue Apron and Butcher Box have slowly been siphoning off of your business?

Would you like to serve your customers in a new way that has them returning to your store more frequently?

Would you like to do something distinctive - that would be very hard (if not impossible) for internet-based competitors to match?

You should consider producing meal kits as an in-house product of your deli operations. You have enough SKUs to supports hundreds of recipes. You have an inspected prep kitchen. You have the staff.

You’re already doing similar work - redirecting some of your efforts toward meal kit production can make a meaningful impact on your customers’ lives, and your business’ performance.

See how it’s working for one grocer:

The Maamos Kitchen meal kit production system removes all of the complexity. 

Grocers who choose to license this system unlock the ability to efficiently produce dozens of recipes, all of which are supported by the following:

Prep Worksheets - clear instructions for gathering, prepping and packing ingredients. These make your staff very efficient.

Exterior Labeling (including food photography) - Eye-catching labels that help sell kits - and warn consumers of any allergens that are ingredients in the kits.

Portion Cup Labels - Anything that is portioned into cups has a dedicated label, to help the home cook easily find the right ingredient.

Price Management - Our system monitors ingredient price changes, allowing us to modify kit pricing and preserve the grocer’s profit margins.

Promotion - Maamos Kitchen delivers geo-targeted digital promotion, reaching your local customers with meal kit messaging.

Ecommerce - We convert interested consumers into customers - making it easy for them to order kits online.
We are here to serve grocers - email us at to learn about our no-commitment test offer, so that you can see for yourself how well your customers respond to store-made meal kits (and how easy it is for your staff to make them).