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How much do your kits cost?

Our kit prices currently range from $25.99 to $44.99. They also range in serving sizes, from 4 to 6 servings, depending on the kit.

Our pricing model is simple: We tally up the retail cost of each kits' ingredients, plus a prep fee to cover the costs of assembly.

Generally speaking, the protein is a significant driver of price. For example, wild-caught salmon is more expensive than boneless chicken breast.

We are constantly adding new recipes to reflect the tastes and values of our customers. If you'd like to see particular types of kits or recipes, please let us know.
Where can I find Maamos Kitchen Meal Kits?

We are currently adding grocers throughout Ohio to begin offering our kits, and intend to expand rapidly. If you'd like us to specifically reach out to your favorite grocery store, send us a note and we will see if we can come to your neighborhood soon.

What sort of dietary or nutritional information can I find regarding your kits?

We are happy to share all of the allergen labeling and cooking instructions in order to give you a sense of their nutritional info.

Our recipes are quite simple and straightforward, so you should be able to get a good sense of whether they fit your dietary requirements.


Can I swap items in your kits?

Not yet, but we intend to offer opportunities for customers to customize kits in the future. This is definitely on our to-do list.

How do you pronounce "Maamos"?