For Grocers

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By working with us, you can deepen your relationship with customers, and unlock new value from your deli operations. License our system and tap into our ever-growing list of recipes (priced to match your SKUs and pricing).

Since their inception in 2007, meal kits have been centrally produced and shipped to customers' homes.  Recently they have started to appear at big-box grocers. The problem with the centralized production model is that it treats meal kits as if they were just a product.

Maamos Kitchen has developed a simple system for producing a wide range of meal kits as an extension of grocers' deli departments.  It was launched in 2019, and is constantly being refined as we roll it out to grocers everywhere.

Let's re-define meal kits, together, by offering them with prepared, ready-to-cook ingredients that deliver unmatched freshness and save time for home cooks.